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Road Transportation

Road transportation also allows you to benefit from transportation services with affordable costs. As PORTLINE MSC SHIPPING LINE, we are offering you practical solutions in this area with our strong road transportation network.

Becoming prevalent with the improvement in international road transportation sector, road transportation allows timely and reliable delivery of your cargo, materials, and goods. When you choose road transportation, you can benefit from quick delivery facilities through an extensive transportation network.

We are the leading company in road transport.

There is no time limit for loading and discharging facilities. Transportation services are carried out on 24/7 basis. Goods with various volumes and sizes can be transported easily.

Road transport is the delivery of the products to the destination within the determined period of time by road with suitable vehicles. Road transport with motor vehicles such as trucks, buses and lorries is known as one of the most economical transport types for both goods and passengers. National and international rules, customs centers and rules, alternative roads, and terminals are important in road transport services. The products are delivered to the relevant address with a protocol made between the sender and the receiver in road transport. Therefore, highway laws, customs laws and technological developments are the issues that must be followed continuously in order for the sector to work efficiently.

Road transport can be classified as goods transport or people transport. It can also be called the only way of transportation to rural areas. Delivery of goods between cities, districts and streets is possible only by road transport. When it comes to transporting goods by road, the distance, the weight, volume, and type of goods help to determine the preferred vehicle type. Van is more suitable for short distances, light and small shipments while truck is suitable for long distances and heavy loads. Oden Logistics offers suitable solutions for your needs by taking into account the distance, the urgency, and volume of the cargo.